Bamboo Sharks

The bamboo shark is a bottom dwelling shark that is relatively small in size, because of this and the fact that they breed and feed well in captivity they are the most common shark species among home aquarium hobbyists. These sharks like all sharks will require a lot of care and an expertise in maintaining salt water aquariums.

Before buying one of these sharks it is very important to have the proper tank setup. You must first have an absolute minimum of  a 160 gallon tank. It is recommended that this tank be closer to 200 gallons or larger. It is important to remember that these sharks will get quite large and mature to of a length of about 37 inches.

It is important to keep place your rocks carefully in your tank and always use a non toxic fish glue. Bamboo sharks move around a lot and are powerful enough to knock over rocks that have been stacked. Larger rocks that are stacked can fall and injure your shark so try and make sure they are well glued together.

Bamboo Sharks for SaleIf you plan on keeping other fish in the same tank as your bamboo shark remember that the bamboo shark will eat fish. Cleaner shrimp and smaller fish will disappear quickly.

When you finally get your shark home never move the shark from one tank to another before slowly changing out the water that the shark is in from the store with your tanks water. If this is done it will shock the sharks system and it is possible it could die as a result. So you are going to want to acclimate your shark over the course of an an hour by using a small container and use a drip line.

The point of this website is to more or less discourage you from owing many of the species of sharks that people think would be cool to have but are actually just a bad idea. The bamboo shark is one of the few sharks that i would recommend for someone who has experience with salt water tanks and is looking for a shark.

Since these sharks are very common they are relatively cheap as well. If you are looking for Bamboo Sharks for Sale they can be found between 50-100 dollars. Look at our shark listings for a current price.

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