Black Tip Sharks

The black tip shark is very high on the list of most people who are considering buying a shark for their home aquarium. The reason is these sharks look like sharks. They simple look like ferocious predators. The problem is these sharks NEED a lot of room. This is not a shark you should even consider buying unless you plan on building a very large shark tank.

These sharks are swimmers they are in a constant motion unlike other sharks you see often in the shark trade that spend a lot of time sitting at the bottom (like the bamboo, leopards,cat sharks, and nurse sharks). Black tip sharks are in the Requiem Shark family which are awesome, but unfortunately these sharks are not suitable for a home aquarium.

Black Tip Sharks For SaleThe Black Tip shark is going to require thousands of gallons to do well. So, if you do not plan on buying a pool sized enclosure you should look at some of the smaller less active species of sharks. People do keep these small sharks in smaller tanks for a period of time but these are always short term success which most always lead to the shark dying.

This species grows to about six feet in length and as already talked about need a very large living area and  should be in a tank with rounded corners. These sharks are expensive and can coast a lot in shipping due to the large amount of water required  for their containers. If you are still interested in Black Tip Reef Sharks for sale head over to our listings page.

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