Bonnethead Sharks

The bonnethead is a cool and interesting looking shark and because of this many people would love to have one in their home aquarium. This shark however is a very poor choice for almost all home aquarium hobbyists because they are free roaming and will require a very large tank setup. 1000 Gallons is not going to cut it either.

These Sharks get over 5 feet in length and are part of the Requiem Shark family so they are what is seen as a real shark to most people.  If  you are very serious about owning a Bonnethead Shark you are going to need a very large rounded tank.  A 15  foot diameter tank would be the minimum for these sharks.

The Bonnethead Shark needs Bonnet head sharks for sale - Bonnethead sharks for salepristine water quality, and this is pretty much true with any shark you will find. If you are not able to keep a salt water tank that has superior water quality at all times then you are wasting your money, time, and a lot of effort. If you are not an expert in salt water aquariums you will end up killing the shark.  So it is strongly advisable to first become an expert before considering the purchase of any shark especially so before the purchase of a shark in the requiem family like the Bonnethead Shark.

Although Bonnetheads get smaller than most other sharks in the requiem family they need more swimming room than you would think. Most times these sharks should be left to trained professionals who have the adequate resources available.

If you feel that you have the expertise and the proper resources to take care of one of these sharks they can still be bought but are usually seasonal. Our listings page will have show you where the Bonnethead Sharks for sale.

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