Nurse Sharks

Before thinking about buying a Nurse Shark it is important to understand that this is a LARGE fish. Even though these guys are a really cool addition to your home aquarium when they are just young little guys. It must be realized that these sharks will not stay that way.

It is a complete myth that sharks will only grow to the size of the tank. If this shark does not have enough room he will be unhealthy and ultimately die as a result of cramped quarters.



Nurse sharks are one of the more popular sharks with private aquarium enthusiasts. This is mainly because nurse sharks are relatively easy to obtain, and the one larger shark species that local fish stores will carry. The problem with this is most people do not realize how big this shark really gets. As a baby it would appear that this shark will fit right in at home in your 180 gallon fish tank, but there is one major problem with this. The nurse shark grows to about 14 feet in length. And these sharks grow rather quickly as well, up to 2 feet per year.

Nurse Sharks For Sale - Nurse SharkSo, before you take home a Nurse shark you must be prepared for the eventual size this animal will grow too. You will need a very large aquarium. The general rule is 3 times the length of the shark and the width should be twice the length of the shark. This size tank eliminates 99.99% of the population, and this fact makes it all the more disturbing that these sharks are being sold at local fish stores. Because eventually these sharks will outgrow the aquarium they are in and they will die unless moved to a large tank. The problem is that a lot of people think that their local aquarium will be glad to accept their shark, but no. An Aquarium will never accept sharks from private owners because they do not want to take any risk of introducing a disease into their waters. If you have any respect for these animals you would not buy one unless you had the room for it to live healthy.


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