Shark Listings


This list of saltwater sharks for sale is for experts only.

Before purchasing a shark make sure you have the proper tank setup. We are not associated with any of the sellers below.

Before you attempt to buy any sharks, make sure to read up on our information on different kinds of sharks that might be suitable for your home.

Have a look first at the following types of sharks to see if you’d want to have them in your home:

Also, make sure to have an appropriately-sized aquarium fish tank before you even think about picking up a new shark. Our homepage has some helpful tips to understand what size you need. Check online vendors for any savings to be had (sometimes you can get up to 25% off local vendors!  But not always…). Do price comparisons online as well for any equipment or supplies that you need.

Once you’ve done that, then you can make a decision on the listings below.


Aquarium Sharks For Sale

Epaulette Shark for sale

Bamboo Shark    Current Price: $59.98

Epaulette Shark  Current Price: $350.00

Wobbygong Shark  Current Price: $359.98

Zebra Shark  Current Price: $149.98

Hound Shark  Current Price: $275.98


Large Tank Sharks For Sale

Black tip shark for sale





Black Tip Reef Shark Current Price: $950.00

Hammerhead Shark Current Price: Seasonal

Bull Shark Current Price: Seasonal

Nurse Shark Current Price: Seasonal

Bonnethead Shark Current Price: Seasonal